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Atlantis, A Lost Continent Essay Example For Students

Atlantis, A Lost Continent Essay Presentation. Atlantis was a mainland of the Atlantic Ocean where, as indicated by Plato, a propelled human progress built up somewhere in the range of 11,600 years back. Plato certifies that, as the consequence of an enormous volcanic calamity of overall degree, this mainland sunk away underseas, vanishing for eternity. Official Science the one you learn at school dismisses the real presence of Atlantis, as it has so far been not able to discover any hints of its world. In any case, the explanation behind that is easy to clarify. Everyone has been glancing in an inappropriate areas, as Atlantis in fact lies in the contrary side of the world. So been told, of courseWat does the name Atlantis actualy means?The first thing to remember is that legendary terms have various historical backgrounds, and are regularly interpretable in various dialects, into which they were adjusted when the fantasies were presented locally. For example, Atlas implies, in Greek, the person who couldn't withstand. Map book was known as the Pillar of Heaven, that is, its help. At the point when Atlas became overburdened, the skies tumbled down, covering Atlantis. The names of Atlas and Atlantis initially originated from the Sanskrit, which is the Holy Language of India, name of their Hell called Atala. This word implies Deprived of its Pillar or, then again Bottomless or, somewhat, Sunken to the Bottom. Many further deductions are yet conceivable. Chart book is the embodiment of the Holy Mountain that is the help of paradise. He is the god that the Hindus compare with Shiva, likewise called Sthanu, which means Pillar of Heaven in Sanskrit. The issue of Atlantis. BelieversActually the majority of the researchers, researchers and scientists who have been contemplating the issue of Atlantis develop a great deal of hypotheses that are very not the same as one another. On the off chance that we need to report a review about the conceivable presence of Atlantis we can realize that the 60% of researchers have confidence in Atlantis and the 40% of them call attention to the mid Atlantic as the solid site of Atlantis itself. StudyDisbelieveUnfortunately the examination and exploration of Atlantis is extremely troublesome and questionable in light of the fact that a great deal of creators put their own nation as where old remnants of the antiquated domain lie, by demonstrating a pointless patriotism, while obscure textual styles depict atlanteans as the primary occupants of the world, who were right off the bat just spirits and later become the chief race of the Earth. At the point when somebody attempts to break down the issue of Atlantis, he ought t o disregard every one of these sources, since they are, sensibly, the beginning of the suspicion towards Atlantis. In what manner can individuals accept that atlanteans had mental powers and decimated themselves for multiple occasions? Best verification originates from non-believersWe can't have proofs about these affirmations, be that as it may, then again, some none-devotees built speculations that are fairly solid and show the genuine presence of Atlantis. One of them, perhaps the best, is Charles Berlitz, who thought of certain books somewhere in the range of 1969 and 1984 and puts stock in a thriving Stone Age civilisation existed 12000 years back. Be that as it may, the pioneer of present day learns about Atlantis is Ignatius Donnelly with the smash hit Atlantis the antediluvian world, distributed in 1882. His postulations are as yet the base of current guesses. Among the best creators of Atlantis are Berlitz, Lewis Spence, Donnelly, L. Sprague De Camp, Edgerton Sykes, Flem-At h, Otto Muck and J.V. Luce. Their proposition are established on logical verifications and proof and bid subjects as geography, history, oceanography and folklore. Every one of them were non-adherents, who saw the theorie as something logical and later on, after serieus study, began to have faith in this issue. What where they examining aboutWe have two distinctive significant inquiries concerning Atlantis: where right? Which sort of culture and innovation did it create? Its extremely troublesome furnishing a response since we havent numerous records about Atlantis: we arrange just of Platos exchanges Timaeum and Critias. At that point we locate some little references to Atlantis in old Greek writing, authentic reports or verse. Finally the presence of a huge landmass in the Atlantic Ocean could be perused from multiple points of view thus Atlantis can become Antarctica or the American mainland. With respect to culture of Atlantis we know their traditions from Plato however we could assume there is more than what Plato composed. Yet, it is composing by Plato, and despite the fact that he is old, he didnt life in the time Atlantis should excist. Pony Dealer's Daughter EssayInstead, as of late in 1997, profound examinations were done under Japan Sea on account of a major stone development that is matured 12000 years back. This is unquestionably keeps an eye on work and it is huge: it's anything but a pyramid yet a squared royal residence that appears to be like a stronghold. So its intriguing to see that human civilisation could have started thousands years before we accept. With these models were putting archeological and geographical proof of the conceivable presence of an obscure civilisation in a similar time Atlantis would have existed. With this verification, numerous scientifists began to feel that doing investigate toward Atlantis isnt a wast of time. Regardless of whether it didnt excistid, there could be probability, there was something other, an other civilazation. DisbelieversMany researchers won't acknowledge Atlantis since it could ruin their own speculations. For instance, some of them despite everything accept that ocean level is consistent since millions and millions years back: this is unsuitable on the grounds that sand, gulches and complex mountains under ocean demonstrate those zones were not secured by water previously. Egyptologists accept the Sphinx was worked by Chefren in light of the fact that they discovered his sculpture close to the Sphinxs sanctuary, on the grounds that the essence of the incredible landmark seems as though his one (yet was demonstrated by particular identifiers theyre unique) and on the grounds that Titmouse IV raised a pillar in which announce that Chefren removed the sand that in part lowered the Sphinx. On the off chance that Atlantis truly existed the history ought to be revamped and it startles a great deal of scientifists. Additionally instructors are frightened of this reality. Look at this, if the excistince of Atlantis gets demonstrated. The opening theorie of the Bible, historicy changes, everything gets unique. We dont talk any longer about the primary human advancement in 4004 BC, no we begin to discuss the principal civilazation in 12000. Before the most recent ice-time. Perhaps, they even lived respectively with the dinosaurs, however that would get us excessively far. The lost of librarysIn old records and writing we find just Plato makes reference to unequivocally Atlantis while a ton of material was irremediably lost: for instance, the extraordinary library of Alexandria was singed thus for Syracuse s one. Particularly in Alexandrias library were kept thousand and thousand books that were consistently perused by the most astute individuals of the time (Tolomaeum, Plato, Solonis and so on.). In that library all Egyptians information was spared and it would have contained some data on Atlantis, since Egyptians are the main civilisation after speculative finish of Atlantis. Different scholars, going before or succeeding Plato, appear to allude to Atlantis in a roundabout way and they regularly imply an extraordinary island that were lowered in the sea. At that point, for quite a long time, during medieval age the subject was left separated and the name of Atlantis returned during 1500 and 1600. During Last two centuries little investigates in all t he world were made to find Atlantis ruins, particularly after Donnelly s hit, yet results are as yet poor and a few pieces of information were found unintentionally (Bimini divider, for instance). Gladstone, English PM, in the wake of perusing Donnellys book, attempted to organize an endeavor for discovering Atlantis, however nobody needed to hazard such an exploration. Specialist Ewing read Atlantic Ocean for a long time, yet he discovered nothing and in the long run finished up Atlantis never existed. Be that as it may, by breaking down Platos depiction on Atlantis we can attempt to get out reality with regards to Atlantis. Once more, this is an incredible way, to keep the legend alive, al the proof is lost. Words/Pages : 1,940/24

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Reviewing Thanks For Not Killing My Son English Literature Essay

Assessing Thanks For Not Killing My Son English Literature Essay With many paper distributions printed each day, TV and web, you may wonder Why might I have to peruse a short article distributed in a school English book? All things considered, I will reveal to you the genuine anecdote about this short article. All the more significantly, I will disclose to you why you should understand it. The paper Thanks for Not Killing My Son by Rita Schindler stands apart from the group since it is sincerely serious, inexhaustible in visual sentences, and interesting. As a matter of first importance, Rita Schindler consolidates enticement and influence methods in only 38 lines, every one of them conveying full-sway sentiments, making this article sincerely exceptional and compelling. The Torontonian mother, whose child was barbarously beaten by certain outsiders, composed the articles title in a way that quickly gets the perusers consideration. Much obliged for Not Killing My Son isn't utilized as a structure to offer thanks to somebody, however is rather utilized as incongruity. The consistent redundancy of the thank you will make you wonder at the moms peaceful reaction to her children beating, and will likewise manufacture feeling. In any case, before the finish of the exposition, when the moms expressing gratitude toward turns into an example, you start to comprehend the sympathy of a caring guardian. Utilizing inferred dismay through the whole exposition, Schindler makes another sort of feeling for the peruser. When Schindler says à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ â ¦thank you for his visual perception, his hearing and his hands which you could have effectively squashed (8), you may feel that a comparative assault can truly influence you or somebody you care about. The contention raises to a peak in the last point, which recommends a definitive misfortune to guardians, the demise of a kid. At the point when the creator says, You could have kicked him to death, however you just left him to pass on. Much thanks to you. (Schindler 11), she insinuates what may well have come about because of the activities of the assailants. When you wrap up this paper, itll uncover you a last feeling; the mother leaves demise as far as possible, since its an idea she might not ever want to understanding. Furthermore, you will discover this paper plentiful in visual sentences, making this another successful method to catch your eye. When you begin understanding it, I can guarantee you that youll acknowledge how amazing those visual sentences are. He was left lying in a pool of blood from an open head wound (Schindler 3) is the start of the third section and reflects quickly the savagery of the assault. Additionally, its the ruthlessness of the assault itself, yet the way that they leaving somebody lying oblivious in a recreation center back street in December. Perusing further, you understand that this thought of utilizing visual sentences turns out to be all the more terrifying in light of the fact that the creator has utilized instances of real occasions as opposed to speaking all in about the idea of brutality (Schindler 5, 6, 7, 9). At long last, the exposition is very intriguing making it applicable to our occasions, since it brings up issues about law implementation, kids instruction, or vengeance. Since the assault against his creators child happened at some point between 1.30 p.m., Dec. 8, and 1 a.m., Dec. 9,㠢â‚ ¬Ã¢ ¦in the Victoria Park-Terraview region (Schindler 3), the primary idea that may enter your thoughts would be about the conviction that all is good and law requirement in the city of Toronto. You may consider this when you read this sentence: when his companions were discussing retribution, I heard him state, No, I dont need somebody elses mother to experience what mine has. (Schindler 10). Our general public needs to change the manner in which we authorize the law, so vengeance ought not be our anxiety. The exposition is likewise applicable to our occasions since it makes you consider todays parental direction identified with road savagery. You may state that there is no association between those two, yet when five folks and two girls㠢â‚ ¬Ã¢ ¦beat [up] one individual (Schindler 9), these demonstration certainly shows that parental direction was not powerful for this situation. Any parent must exercise steady direction and consideration regarding their children, and you can discovered this thought in the last sentence of the article: I trust that some time or another youll have kids and love them as much as I love mine, however I wouldnt wish on your youngster what you did to mine. (Schindler 13). All in all, when perusing Thanks for Not Killing My Son you will find a sincerely exceptional, provocative exposition that is brimming with visual sentences. Giving you those motivations to peruse Rita Schindlers article, we should put forth an attempt and demonstrate that the accompanying rhymes from a notable tune aren't right, and we can change this stunning world that we live in. Theres a major issue with the present reality. I dont recognize what it is. Somethings amiss with our eyes. Were seeing things in an alternate manner, and God knows it aint His. It sure aint nothing unexpected. Livin on the edge.â [1]â

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What Are Proverbs

What Are Proverbs Proverbs are commonly used expressions that illustrate a specific point. They differ from idioms because idioms dont always make literal sense, but if you have a context, you can usually work out what a proverb means. Here are a few examples of idioms: I passed the exam by the skin of my teeth. Im fed up with waiting for him! He always rubs me up the wrong way. If we were to look at these literally, theyre just nonsensical. Since they are often used, however, most people will know what they mean even though they dont have any skin on their teeth, havent been fed lately, and didnt get a massage from a clumsy person. Proverbs, on the other hand, do make a weird sort of sense, especially when you have the context of the situation. My mom was always against beatings, but my father would say: Spare the rod and spoil the child. You really made a fool of yourself, but theres no use crying over spilled milk. Dont just invest in that business because it sounds nice. Check out their financials; you need to look before you leap. I searched and searched through my overstuffed closet, but finding my best tie was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. After he was rude to me, I wanted to hit him, but two wrongs dont make a right. In our first example, the fictional father is taking words straight out of the book of Proverbs in the bible. You can see that the discussion is about beatings or corporeal punishment. You might use a rod to beat someone, and if a child is spoiled through lack of discipline, he or she will always insist on getting their own way. Whether you agree with beating naughty kids or not, you can see what the proverb means. Our other examples are non-biblical, but they are so old, and so well used, that finding their origins would be difficult. Crying over spilled milk means regretting something that has already happened and cant be undone. Looking before you leap means getting all the facts before you commit yourself. And although the guy who cant find his best tie isnt literally looking for a needle in a haystack, we can see that he thinks the task is as difficult. The last little bit of wisdom, two wrongs dont make a right, is really easy to understand. If I were to hit someone because they were rude to me, I might have a reason for my action, but it still wouldnt be right. You can get whole dictionaries full of proverbs, but some are more commonly used than others. Here are a few examples with their meanings: I wasnt sure how to behave in the high-class gathering, so I thought: When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and just followed their example. This proverb means behaving as everybody else does, and some people even abbreviate it to When in Rome because its so commonly used. I was going to argue with the shop manager after he treated me so badly, but the pen is mightier than the sword, so I wrote a bad review on Yelp instead. Written arguments are often stronger than spoken ones, or even using violence. You really ought to ask for help from others. After all, no man is an island. An island is all alone, surrounded by water, but people are surrounded by other people, and we can influence or help each other. How can you call others lazy when you are so lazy yourself? People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. Dont always point out your own faults in others. You have the same faults, and if someone were to mention them, you would have no defense. Ive been waiting for this letter for weeks! Still, better late than never! Something that should have happened earlier took a long time, but at least it happened eventually. You and I have a lot in common. Lets be friends! Birds of a feather flock together. People who are similar to each other often get along very well. They hang out with each other in the same way that birds of the same species often like to congregate. I could write a book about my holiday, but instead, I think this photo explains it all. A picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes, pictures are even more expressive than any words that could be said. You can get the whole idea just by looking at it, instead of having to read a lot of text. When they released the new PlayStation, I was waiting outside the shop before it opened. The early bird catches the worm. If youre quick to go in search of what you want, your chances of success are greater. But was the worm also early? Perhaps he was just coming back from last nights party. Proverbs can be very cliched because they are used a lot, but they do come in handy at times when youre looking for a good way to say something and want a phrase that everyone will identify with because it reflects accepted wisdom. (Photo courtesy of James Lumb)

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My Philosophy Of Teaching Mathematics - 1545 Words

My philosophy of teaching mathematics is based upon the belief that the curriculum should be centered on the students. My job as an educator is to provide the students with a variety of knowledge, and to help them achieve their goals; to make sure they reach their full potential. When working with children, it should never be about the teacher. It is all about the individual children and their needs will always be a first priority. As an educator, I have mixed feelings about Common Core Mathematics. I was not originally taught to think abstractly in math as a student myself and while some strategies are I believe useful to the visual preference learners, I still believe that the stages they wish the students to cover certain topics are far above what the students are developmentally capable at that age. I also believe that while they give much importance to addition and subtraction for a large portion of 1st and 2nd grade, they leave a very small amount of attention to real world con cepts such as money and telling time. I believe that not putting priority in topics such as money and telling time, is poor judgment on these valuable skills. If the students cannot classify coins and their values, it is a skill that in the near future will be forever lost if society begins to depend on computers and technology to take over these basic tasks. That also goes for telling time on a face clock. While analog clocks are more common and people are more inclined to use their phonesShow MoreRelatedMy Philosophy On The Philosophy Of Education844 Words   |  4 PagesIn mathematics, as in life, everything must be brought to the simplest of terms. I base my teaching philosophy on the foundation that every student is capable of learning mathematics. I will strive, as a teacher, to ensure that my students are able to have a strong foundation of mathematical skills when they leave my classroom. Some students believe that they are not mathematically gifted; therefore, incapable of learning mathematics. I believe to the contrary, all students with motivation, sustainedRead MorePhilosophy And Philosophy Of Mathematics1050 Words   |  5 PagesPhilosophy of Mathematics A philosophy of mathematics should be included in an excellent philosophy of education. A philosophy of mathematics should include your thoughts and ideas about what mathematics education is, what impact it has on society, the qualities that make a good teacher, a teacher’s role, research on the standards and instructional strategies, and ways to ensure student are able to learn mathematic concepts in your classroom. Each of these ideas should forever be evolving becauseRead More My Philosophy of Teaching Essay506 Words   |  3 PagesMy Philosophy of Teaching When thinking of a philosophy of teaching, four major issues need to be considered. Those issues are one’s views on education, the role of the teacher, teaching and learning, and on the children. This is something that someone entering the teaching profession needs to give serious thought to and realize the importance that this will hold in the future. The following essay will express my philosophy of teaching. One very important factor in every life isRead MoreMy Reflection On My Philosophy933 Words   |  4 PagesMy teaching philosophy is a reflection of my passion for providing all students with the tools necessary to not only succeed in school but also out in the real world. My passion is a reflection of my experiences as a student and now as a future secondary mathematics educator. From my experiences, I have been able to determine that my teaching philosophy entails three tenets. Students should be ready for the world, no two learners are the same and a great teacher can inspire a student to do the impossibleRead MoreEssay on Statement of Philosophy and Goals1301 Words   |  6 PagesStatement of Philosophy and Goals As a child playing school with the neighborhood children, I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Since the first day of kindergarten, watching the teacher teach us how to do basic things like counting, writing, and reading is what interested me in teaching. Throughout my elementary and secondary education I became even more interested in the teaching field. I thought that being a teacher would be the best thing in the world because a teacher has an immenseRead MoreEssay Theoretical Stance on Learning and Teaching Mathematics1495 Words   |  6 PagesStance for the Teaching of Mathematics – As a pre-service teacher, my philosophy of teaching Mathematics is based on a constructivist, student-centred approach. I have learned, through my practicum experiences, as well as Mathematics Education courses, which advocate this approach, that it is the most effective way to teach Mathematics. This essay will explicitly describe my philosophy, as well as explain and justify the specific teaching and learning strategies related to this philosophy, supportedRead MoreExploring Inquiry Based Spatial Sense Activities1236 Words   |  5 Pageseducators must select new philosophies and practices to meet the diverse needs of the students in their classes. This will ensure that students are effectively prepared for the rigorous expectations of being college and career ready. As a special education teacher, I have spent the last several years evaluating my teaching methods. In 2013, I returned to college to pursue a Master of Teaching, Learning and Leadership with an emphasis as an Elementary Mathematics Specialist. My primary purpose was toRead More Becoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education Essay1061 Words   |  5 PagesBecoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education When did education start? Do we still need education to function as a society? How long will public education remain a kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum? The answers to these questions will vary from person to person, but they will all have one common theme: education will and must go on! Education is the key to a progressing society. Education is the only way that knowledge is passed from generation to generationRead MoreAn Associate Professor Of Mathematics At Southwestern Oregon Community College820 Words   |  4 PagesI am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Before working for Southwestern, I was a graduate student at the University of California at Irvine, where I earned a doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. Martin Zeman. While living in Greece, I earned a Master’s degree in Logic, Algorithms and Computation from University of Athens. As a tenured faculty member at Southwestern my workload is based on a combination of teaching and service to the institutionRead More My Philosophy of Education Essay1211 Words   |  5 Pages Philosophy of Education According to Webster’s Dictionary, â€Å"A teacher is a person who teaches especially for a living.† This definition though is not entirely true about a teacher. As a teacher not only do you teach students, but teachers are parents, social workers, nurses, and even friends. A good teacher should be able to play all of these roles and will be successful throughout their teaching career. I attended public schools, so I got the good, the bad, and the ugly of every

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Leadership Theory Vs. Model Of Leadership - 1529 Words

The current essay focuses on leadership practices. It is evident that one of the key strategies to gain success is the technique of developing leadership. Effective leadership practice helps to boost organizational performance. There have been many researches that are performed on leadership practices to understand its type, implementation and effectiveness in business. The scholars have mentioned that implementation of leadership theories and models could help the organization in developing organizational performances. However, those theories and models need to be implemented based on requirements or environments. It is necessary to learn about which theory or model of leadership contribute to develop organizational performance or†¦show more content†¦Thereafter, conducting an extensive research, Janine implemented her first initiative of developing a business with a unique concept, which was entirely different than anything else in the world. Janine’s vision was to â€Å"do retailing differently† by providing unique experience to customers on the basis of â€Å"love of life philosophy†. It has been identified that Janine’s leadership style was natural, warn and extremely demanding, which further created excellent performance culture in her business. Describing her approaches to leadership aligning with leadership theories With the unique leadership style implemented by Janine has benefited her in achieving organisational goals and objectives. In order to run the business more effectively first in domestic market Janine was concerned with expanding upon the Australian Boost business. The objective of implementing this strategy was to take control over the solid foundation, which has been created with Boost to gain the ability of bolting on new and large brands Von (Krogh, Nonaka and Rechsteiner 2012). This has built the confidence of increasing market share and growth. One of the most important factors found in Janine’s leadership approach was, she encourage people in doing the things that people love to do. A business is not all about earning profits become the one in the world as mentioned by Furman (2012). Thus, Janine Allis was concerned with fulfilling the needs and wants of people and through herShow MoreRelatedSit uational Leadership Theory Vs. Model864 Words   |  4 PagesSituational leadership theory or model comprises a few key elements. These include four styles of leadership, the maturity level of the subordinates and the developmental models. The four leadership styles According to Hersey and Blanchard, there are four basic leadership styles association with the situational leadership model. The four are: telling, selling, participating and delegating. Telling As the name suggest, this leadership styles refers to an almost autocratic leadership role in whichRead MoreLeadership Model Essay730 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is leadership? Leadership is the behaviour of an individual when he is directing the activities of a group towards a shared goal. (Hemphill and Coons, 1957, p.7) A leader is interpreted as someone who sets direction in an effort and influences people to follow that direction. How they set that direction and influence people depends on a variety of factors. To really comprehend the territory of leadership, one should briefly scan some of the major theories, notice various styles of leadershipRead MoreTheory and Practice of Transactional-Transformational Leadership843 Words   |  4 PagesRunning head: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF TRANSACTIONAL-TRANSFORMATIO Theory and Practice of Transactional-Transformational Leadership THEORY AND PRACTICE OF TRANSACTIONAL-TRANSFORMATIO Abstract This essay details the different behaviors characterized by the contemporary transactional and transformational leadership models. The specific behaviors of each model are reviewed and their corresponding relation to motivation of individuals and teams are assessed. Both leadership techniquesRead MoreHofstede And Globe ( Global Leadership And Organisation Behaviour Effectiveness1108 Words   |  5 PagesThis report is comparison between Hofstede and GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organisation Behaviour Effectiveness) research on Culture and Leadership. Hofstede and GLOBE is similar, they both investigation the behaviour of organisations in different countries and across culture. But the way and research scope still quite different. In this report we will summarized and reviewed the theoretical dimension of various culture and leadership. Include the deficiencies in Hofstede’s work which the GLOBERead MoreHofstede And Globe ( Global Leadership And Organisation Behaviour Effect iveness1496 Words   |  6 PagesThis report is comparison between Hofstede and GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organisation Behaviour Effectiveness) research on Culture and Leadership. Hofstede and GLOBE is similar, they both investigation the behaviour of organisations in different countries and across culture. But the way and research scope still quite different. In this report we will summarized and reviewed the theoretical dimension of various culture and leadership. Include the deficiencies in Hofstede’s work which the GLOBERead MoreLeadership And Hofstede s Six Dimensions879 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership and Hofstede’s Six Dimensions Hofstede’s six dimensions is a work of cross- cultural communication, which was established by Greet Hofstede. He developed this model and has been used in various fields as paradigm for research, particularly in cross-cultural psychology, international management, and cross-cultural communication. It’s one of the most effective resources that can be used in multiple fields. Hofstede’s six dimensions of national culture are, Power Distance Index (PDI)Read MoreSituational Leadership Theory1119 Words   |  5 PagesSituational Leadership Theory Since there is no special or one precise type of leader, numerous leadership styles and theories have surfaced. This is because a different situations require different type of leadership styles. In many occasions, leadership theories help to predict the best leadership style to employ in a particular situation. This essay seeks explain why situational leadership theory is useful and relevant in developing an effective leadership culture. It is this writers hope thatRead MoreDetermine Leadership Style1390 Words   |  6 PagesDetermining Leadership Styles BD LDR/531 30 August 2010 Determining Leadership Styles One of the most important tasks any business leader must undertake is a personal assessment. An honest inventory of skills, strengths and weaknesses of a business leader can give insight into those areas that need improvement as well as those that can be acceptedRead MoreIrhr Study Notes1386 Words   |  6 PagesHINT 1 – Hofstedes cultural dimensions – know them – in textbook HINT 2 – Porter’s five forces model – know model – in textbook HINT 3 – Contingency Factors HINT 4 – Differences between content and process theory (motivation) HINT 5 – Know one leadership theory really well (Look on blackboard for topics not covered today – worksheets are provided) Topic 1: The environment and organisational culture Four external factors impacting managerial decisions in the specific environment: Read MoreA Comprehensive Leadership Approach On Leadership1421 Words   |  6 PagesComprehensive Leadership Approach Thoughts on Leadership Just the thought of leadership excites me. This is because I became very interested in the topic of leadership, immediately after I joined the United States Army in 2003. As a civilian, without any job experience, I had never been formally exposed to leadership, although, in retrospect, I was surrounded by family and community leaders. There are numerous sources that depict leadership. In this writing, I describe my thoughts on leadership in terms

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Benjamin Franklin And Olaudah Equiano - 1127 Words

Benjamin Franklin and Olaudah Equiano lived during the same time period. Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the Untied States, and his commitment to making his country better was remarkable. Benjamin Franklin wrote his autobiography from 1771- 1791. Franklin passed away before he was able to see his autobiography published in 1791. Olaudah Equiano was a young boy when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He was forced to work on naval vessels and on plantations in Virginia. Equiano published his interesting narrative in 1789. Franklin writes about his life as a key figure of American civilization. Equiano writes about his life as a slave and abolitionist against slavery. The autobiographies of Ben Franklin and Olaudah†¦show more content†¦The authors also have different exigences for writing their autobiographies. Benjamin Franklin wrote his autobiography to help citizens of America, and inform them on his life accomplishments. Franklin wanted to help citizens pr osper in their lives just like he did. Franklin gives tips and lays out ways to be a better person throughout his autobiography. The main example of his exigence is the virtues he explains. A few of the virtues Franklin explains are, â€Å" Order- Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time. Industry- Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions. Tranquility- Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.† Franklin includes these virtues in his autobiography to provide the reader with ways to become a more successful person in life. Franklin wanted to give readers of his autobiography an outline of how to become successful in life through a few quick and easy steps. Olaudah Equiano’s main exigence or purpose for writing his autobiography is to provide the reader with knowledge of slavery. Equiano wanted everyone to know how cruel slavery was, and how unfair and poorly slaves were treated. He did this through telling his story as a slave during late 1700s. Equiano supports his purpose withShow MoreRelatedOlaudah Equiano And Benjamin Franklin1073 Words   |  5 PagesTanis Baumann 10/31/17 2nd Olaudah Equianos and Benjamin Franklin compare and contrast Olaudah and Benjamin where both different and similar in may ways and their own modes of writing and writing styles exhibit their own attitudes to the cause they cared about. Olaudah Equiano, was a former enslaved African and he wrote autobiography showing the horrors of lobbied and slavery and advocated for its abolition.   Benjamin Franklin was a printer whose success as an author led himRead MoreEssay about Influences of the Revolutionary Era1587 Words   |  7 Pagesthe United States has been molded by the actions of numerous individuals of the past. Three highly influential individuals of seventeenth century America were Abigail Adams, the second first lady of United States; Benjamin Franklin, an innovator and political powerhouse; and Olaudah Equiano, a slave that acquired his freedom and went on to write an autobiography of his journey. Abigail Adams â€Å"Abigail Adams became one of the revolutionary era’s most articulate and influential women† (Foner, 2012, pgRead MoreReflection On Reading Doctrine Three1215 Words   |  5 PagesPart 1: When reading doctrine three, I came to the conclusion that it talks about having the ability to look â€Å"outside of the box† and at times to listen to someone else’s reasoning. From reading Benjamin Franklin, I felt that he talks about this in the beginning when addressing the President about the Constitution and his approval. â€Å"I am not sure I shall never approve it; for, having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, toRead MoreContrasts in Royall Tylers Play The Contrast718 Words   |  3 PagesThis simplicity of diet was actually advocated by Benjamin Franklin, and is compared with the complex food of the snobs in Europe. The plays moral judgment of the pair of cultures, of course, is fairly transparent and decidedly American, especially since within the play those who would sneer at Americas honest simplicity are condemned are condemned for their unnatural culinary corruptions of natures bounty (Madsen 1994, 47). Olaudah Equiano is the principle character and author of a biographicalRead MoreThe Slavery Of The United States1121 Words   |  5 Pagesculture understood or respected the other. Both were vying for the same land, and both were fighting for survival. This lack of understanding and commonality between the two cultures is a situation which is recurring in captivity narratives. Olaudah Equiano like many other slaves was put in a ship ready for a journey overseas but they were not ready for the voyage or the ordeal that befell slaves on such treacherous voyages. Before he had only heard narratives about the cruelty meted on hapless slavesRead MoreEarly American Literature Influenced by Religious Ideologies and Philosophies1769 Words   |  8 Pagessimplicity above all else. They also believed that every human being is born sinful and that God’s grace was given freely to everyone. Olaudah Equiano was a puritan writer and in The Interesting Narrative of The Life of Olaudah Equiano portrays his love for God with, â€Å"Behold God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid†¦ Praise the Lord†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Equiano 1). Equiano writes in thoughts and this narrative of his life is written in a subjective manner while highlighting the main events. When he tellsRead MoreBrief Survey of American Literature3339 Words   |  14 Pages1730s-1740s) Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Thomas Paine (1737-1809) Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Olaudah Equiano (1745?-1797) Philip Freneau (1752-1832) Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784) Hannah Webster Foster (1758-1840) Enlightenment and establishment of the nation Benjamin Franklin a second-generation immigrant of English descendent Writer, printer, publisher, scientist, statesman, and diplomat, he was the most famous and respected private figure of his time. Benjamin Franklin recorded hisRead MoreThe Tribe Not Only Kidnapped Mary Rowlandson1263 Words   |  6 PagesSeries†, â€Å"America: A Concise History and American History Concise Documents†, â€Å"Lauter Heath Anthology of American Literature Volume A and B Fifth edition Plus New Riverside Captivity narratives†, â€Å"Sovereignty and the Goodness of God and Benjamin and William Franklin and Narrative: Life of Fredrick Douglass 2e†, â€Å"Sovereignty and the Goodness of God and Attitudes Towards Sex in Antebellum America and Black Americans in the Revolutionary Era and Great Awakening and Democracy in America and Lincoln, SlaveryRead MoreThe History of American Literature3501 Words   |  15 Pagesfounded in 1704, and joined by the Boston Gazette in 1719. At a time when newspaper journalism was concerned primarily with reporting political events, the New-England Courant, started by James Franklin in 1721, became the first newspaper to include literary en tertainment. Franklins younger brother Benjamin Franklin published humorous social commentary in the Courant under the pen name of Silence Dogwood . Magazines also appeared for the first time in the colonies during the mid-1700s. Before 1800 magazinesRead MoreBibliographic Essay on African American History6221 Words   |  25 PagesBibliographic Essay on African American History Introduction In the essay â€Å"On the Evolution of Scholarship in Afro- American History† the eminent historian John Hope Franklin declared â€Å"Every generation has the opportunity to write its own history, and indeed it is obliged to do so.†1 The social and political revolutions of 1960s have made fulfilling such a responsibility less daunting than ever. Invaluable references, including Darlene Clark Hine, ed. Black Women in

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Product Life Cycle of Nokia free essay sample

Kapil Kumar 1807 A01 Regd Id 10810515 The product life cycle The most effective way to reduce the impact on the environment is to integrate environmental considerations into the product development process. To do this, designers must consider the environmental impact of materials, energy and toxicity across an e–product’s entire life cycle. The product life cycle begins when raw materials are extracted from the earth and ends when the materials from the products are reused, recycled, recovered or discarded. Currently, most of what we produce goes straight to landfill. The aim is to close the loop and recycle materials back into the manufacturing process. This will conserve the earth’s mineral resources, save energy (by reducing mining and transportation) and reduce waste. NOKIA PRODUCT CYCLE Life cycle thinking, the so called â€Å"cradle to grave† approach, requires that environmental performance of all members in the chain is known and managed. M= Material E= Energy W= Waste Emissions FROM START TO FINISH Ever wondered where your toaster came from? Every product goes through many different Stages from the raw materials to the finished item and production processes Raw materials Stage 1 mining metal ore and smelting into metal alloys *pumping oil and cracking into fuel to make plastics *refining sand into glass and semiconductors *cutting trees and processing them into wood or paper Manufacture Stage 2 Manufacture – parts formation and assembly *transforming material into part via mould or tool *combining parts into subass emblies *combining subassemblies into products *packing products for distribution Purchase Stage 3 Purchase – from shelf to users *exposure of product in retail outlet *support by advertising media *information about product (staff, advertising, leaflet) Use Stage 4 Use – consumption of product installation of products *First use *regular use *maintenance and repair Stage 5 Disposal – collecting and moving the used product *consumer uses the collection system *collectors decide whether the product is reusable, recyclable, or disposable Stage 6 Disposal – reuse, recycling and disposal, and sorting and processing *If reusable, the product is serviced, repackaged and redistributed *If recyclable, the product is disassembled: recyclable components are sent to recycling Centers and non-recyclable components treated as disposable *If none of these apply, the product is land filled or incinerated The complete life cycle of Nokia Commitment to protecting the envi ronment is an integral part of the Nokia Corporate culture and it is embedded in our values. –Life cycle thinking, a conceptweare working to embrace, covers all environmental concerns relating to our products. We believe that Nokias open and ethically sound approach will help us reach the goal of sustainable development – Chairman of the Board and CEO, Jorma Ollila Sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Environ- mental protection is not something that can be added on at the end. It comes at the beginning, taking into account all phases of the product lifecycle. In old school environmental manage- meant a company is responsible only for Its Own environmental impact. At Nokia, however, we have adopted a life cycle concept of environmental management. This concept takes into consideration all phases of the products life cycle, from design and raw mate- rails, to manufacturing and packaging, distribution and use, and finally to end of life treatment. For this reason, the environmental policies and performance of our suppliers are an important part of our own environmental performance. Hence we take environmental issues into consideration when assessing potential or existing suppliers. Environmental management is not a separate process but an integral part of all our operations, and those of our suppliers, inseparable from the processes of manufacturing, distribution and disposal. To reach that goal, we make continual improvements in our own environmental performance, and expect the same of our suppliers. Nokia environmental guidelines for our suppliers. The supplier shall have an environmental policy. This policy, a statement of the organisations environmental principles and intentions, provides the framework for action. It shall be approved by the companys management and be relevant to the organization and its operations. When the organization is part of a larger one, its sub-policy should not be in conflict with policies at higher levels, but should provide more detail and be relevant to individual locations. The policy shall include commitment to environmental protection, prevention of pollution, Compliance with environmental legislation, and continual Improvement. The supplier shall evaluate its suppliers environmental performance and set Environmental improvement targets as necessary. The environmental performance in each stage of the entire supply chain Contributes to the total environmental impact of the final product. This cradle to grave approach adopted by Nokia requires that the environmental performance of all members of the chain is known and effectively managed. This ex- tends upstream along the supply chain to suppliers of components and to the extraction of raw materials. Going downstream this covers the use of the product, as well as the eventual disposal or recycling of components or materials. The supplier shall upon request declare the raw material content of its Products delivered to Nokia. Customers are placing increasing demands for full material declaration, i. e. the total raw material content of the product. This demand applies throughout the whole supply chain. This information is needed in order to utilize the material in the best possible way, e. g. for recycling purposes. A full material declaration is preferable; from the start a minimum requirement is A list of environmentally relevant materials according to a list provided by Nokia End of Life (EoL) practices The supplier shall upon request provide end of life treatment Recommendations for its products. Producer responsibility will require the producer to take back and recycle certain types of end products at the end of their useful lives. Recycling can mean one of several options, e. g. reuse, recycling, refurbishment or conversion. In order to manage the recycling process and increase the eco-efficiency of the process, it is necessary for us to have the relevant data on the raw materials and treatment of the components in our products.